one pot dinner

Tonight we’re having sausage and root vegetable stew. The recipe I’m using is by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from his latest book River Cottage Every Day. So far, it’s the only recipe I’ve done from this book but based on the result, it won’t be the last! I have frozen it and reheated it with success but I guess it might depend on the potatoes you use. It’s really yummy, comfort food – perfect for today when it’s dull and so wet that you really don’t want to go outside the door.

This is a great mid-week meal because there is only a little preparation. Come on, surely you can manage to peel and chop a few veg! I chose the cider option (rather than white wine) for the stew because I like the pork/apple combination. I also used carrots instead of celeriac since I had a couple lurking in the fridge. Anyway, that done and it’s into the oven and you can forget about it – well not totally – but certainly long enough to sit down and put your feet up/do some housework/help with homework/drink what’s left of the cider – whatever works for you. The only thing you need with this is some lovely fresh crusty bread to mop up the juices.


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