burger night

Busy, busy, busy getting myself ready for Ballymaloe and, funny as it may sound, not doing much cooking. Tonight we had lamb burgers. I really like to know what’s in my burger – not whether its lamb, beef, chicken, etc – I mean which part of the animal. I bought some shoulder of lamb and had it minced for me at the butcher. I’ve been meaning to try making a burger with some ras al-hanut (or ras el hanout), a spice blend I bought from Steenbergs to make a Moroccan tagine. It smells divine. I gently fried some chopped onion and a clove of garlic in some olive oil until it was soft and then added a generous teaspoon of the ras al-hanut. I let it cook for a few minutes and then put the onion and spice mix on a plate to cool. Once cool, mix it into the (500g) minced lamb and add some salt and pepper. Pan fry a small piece and taste to make sure the seasoning is right and then form four patties. Make them quite large and not too thick. I would normally cook them on the BBQ but sadly ours is ready for the scrap heap so the griddle pan will have to do. There is no need to oil the pan before cooking just make sure its nice and hot before you put the burger on. Cook it how you like it – I like mine a little pink in the middle. Serve in a toasted roll (or pita bread) with some tzatziki, red onion, and salad. Yum.


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One Response to burger night

  1. c ward says:

    Yes please – looks yummy!

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