day nine

Now I know why I do this at bedtime cos I get peace and quiet! Margaret is trying download photos and Deirdre is trying to get her ironing done for Thursday as she, Angelique and Johan are off to have canapés at Darina’s tonight! (We’re going to a cake baking/decorating evening tomorrow night.)

I think my score went up today! My grapefruit, grape and lovage salad was delicious but for general consumption Sue (our teacher this week) thought it needed a bit more sugar. What else did I make – oh yes, a crunchy apple crumble tart. What a find! Seriously yummy. Forgot to take a picture – it looked and tasted pretty good though – take my word for it. My whole order of work was thrown when I realised I had to joint 1/2 a chicken. Doesn’t sound much but we got a wee demonstration and then we each had to do a half. Second half isn’t so easy especially when your chicken has a broken leg!!! So I think 2 out of 3 might be today’s score.


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One Response to day nine

  1. christine says:

    Just caught up with all your Irish antics! Sounds very busy and exciting. Enjoy xx

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