days 12, 13 and 14

Day 12 was actually Friday the 13th. Just as well I wasn’t thinking about it. My soup – chunky vegetable and bean with spicy sausage – was really tasty! No butter or cream either. Thank heavens I wasn’t making the fish dishes because there was a ton of both in them. I was supposed to be on biscuit duty but that got crossed off the list and I just made the soup and a batch of really pretty raspberry and almond tarts which were very light. Although a few could have done with a few more minutes in the oven, this certainly didn’t affect their taste. I also filleted half a fish – cod or hake, I’m not quite sure – I was so busy concentrating and making sure I didn’t leave a single bone in. All in all, Friday the 13th wasn’t a bad day on the cooking front. Might even be a 3 out of 3!

Saturday isn’t Saturday without a visit to the Farmers Market. This is the stall of Arbutus Bread, the award winning artisan bakery, where we bought some olive bread and also some rye bread. I’ve put my name on the list to spend the night with them (baking!) but there’s a waiting list so I’m not sure if it will happen.


Quick trip through to Cork and a visit to the Crawford Gallery Cafe for lunch. We went to The English Market for a look around – traditional Irish products together with products from other parts of the world as well. Mary bought a chicken to practice her jointing skills.


We went to a BBQ at Ballycotton in the evening. James, one of the students, is living in a cottage there which is FAB! Everyone wanted to move in. It’s an old cottage overlooking the harbour and upstairs there’s a roof terrace off the bedroom. This is the view from the kitchen. Just imagine sitting at the table, having a nice lazy breakfast (with homemade Ballymaloe bread, of course) and gazing out to sea . . . . . . probably just as well I don’t live there – I’d never make it into the cookery school!


Not a very late night but I still felt very tired today. I drove to the cookery school to find out what my duties are for this week, wrote my order of work and then had a snooze. Bliss.

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