day 15

Salad of Crozier blue cheese with chargrilled pears and spiced candied walnuts, strawberry sorbet with fresh strawberry sauce and two pounds of spuds for roasted potato wedges. I started with the candied walnuts. Well, what you think is going to be a relatively easy morning turns into a bit of a challenge (again)! The spiced syrup was ready so I threw in the walnuts and TRIED to get them covered in the spiced caramel. Of course when you take the caramel off the heat it hardens. I managed to get enough coated for the salad using just about every spoon in the drawer and was left with a delightful lump of walnuts covered in caramel and a lot of washing up! Next up – the sorbet. We used frozen strawberries and it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to rub it through the sieve. The only remaining ice cream machine was broken and so into the blast chiller it went and my tatties went into the oven. I plated up my salad which looked and tasted good. The sorbet had still not set completely and so I had to scrape some out of the side of the bowl with a very inadequate scoop. (I know the one about the bad workman . . . . .). I was very unhappy with the way it looked and said so, although it tasted fine. Roast potato wedges – some were marginally overcooked as they’d been sitting in the oven for a while.

It must sound like a very odd mixture of things I make but it’s done so that we have enough of everything for lunch and also cover the required techniques. Today the main course was roast lamb hence the roasties. Tomorrow the routine changes a little. We have to decide between ourselves (me and my partner, Jenny) who is cooking what. I am doing moussaka and mashed parsnips and Jenny is doing banana, passion fruit and mango in lime syrup and spicy apple chutney then whoever has the most time left will do the prawns on brown bread with mayonnaise. I am also on bread duty so have to sneak that in somewhere in my time plan!!!!!


Doesn’t it look good!

Off to make some walnut praline with this mangled lump of walnuts.


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4 Responses to day 15

  1. dorothy donald says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying all your blogs and the pictures. Keep up the good work!

  2. Kath says:

    Caroline, I really am jealous now having caught up with your fantastic kitchen (and otherwise) adventures.

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