day 16

I started the day with a lesson in making soda bread from Tim Allen, who has written a book about making bread, so he should know! Of course it looked fab but I was so busy I forgot to take a picture! On to the moussaka. Many steps to make moussaka so it took me an age but really tasted good and I had my little individual portion for my lunch. I also made a large dish of it which has been kept for lunch tomorrow.


My next dish was mashed parsnips but it really is a little late in the season and they were very stringy. I wasn’t convinced that mashed parsnips were a good match with moussaka but I’m sure they tasted fine with the shepherd’s pie (which was not my responsibility thankfully!).

Enrique Garcia from Bodegas Pingón in Spain, who consistently produce award-winning wines, came to talk to us about their wines and of course gave us a wee taste! How on earth are we supposed to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon? We all ask ourselves that question every day. The information being given is always interesting but I don’t know if it’s the fact that we’ve had a reasonable lunch or lack of fresh air or what but we all struggle to keep our eyes open.

After school Sarah Willes, Director of the Blues Agency in London came to talk to those who might be interested in jobs abroad, in villas, with stars, on yachts, shooting lodges, preparing director’s lunches, etc. I don’t think I’ll be doing any of those but it was interesting to see some of the options open to Ballymaloe students. By the time I got ‘home’ it was after 7 and the most pressing job was the laundry – must’ve been a messy day in the kitchen!


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