day 19 and 20

I’m sitting here on my second glass of wine trying to remember what I did yesterday! How could I forget – I went to milk the cows! Not single handed of course Eileen did most of the work I just had to give the udders a quick squeeze and then pop on the suction cups (if they have a technical name I have no idea what it is). Oh, and avoid being pee’d on (or worse!). Lots of lovely creamy milk from two gorgeous jersey cows. This must be my animal week . . . . isn’t she lovely.


And what did I make yesterday. Not much really. A Mexican dish, a starter, which was ok. I don’t mean my cooking – I thought it was a bit dry but that was how it was meant to be. Not sure I’d make it again. And spinach which ticked off cooking a green veg on my technique sheet. And I had to reboil my jam as it hadn’t set as well as it should have. Bonus – I got it home! Fab on my Ballymaloe toast!

Katya, the only Russian student on the course, had a birthday party last night. She lives in The Coach House beside the school so we sauntered over about 9pm. Loads of people there already including Darina and Tim. Also Sophie, Julia and Igor from the cookery school. Katya had prepared lots of food but I think we had all overdosed on cake earlier in the day and weren’t very hungry. We had to borrow a torch to get home as it was pitch dark (although one of the party thought we could have got home without a torch – she shall remain nameless!).

This morning I got up early to get some laundry done before nipping into Midleton to do a bit of shopping. Also went to farmers market for a cup of coffee from O’Connells – those little chocolate drops make it so special. Pizza making at 12. I did the first stretch of the pizza dough for the pizzas which was fun and Philip did the major stretch and put on the toppings. Emily, a fellow student, took care of them in the wood-fired oven. When they were finished serving I got to do my own pizza – including the major stretch when I almost put my fingers through my dough! I took supper back to the house – and surprise, surprise – it was pizza!


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