day 24

Wednesday, so it’s organic gardening day. Did I feel like getting up at 6.15 – of course I did! Actually made it in time to dump my bag at school too! We walked round to the greenhouse and had a look at all the veg. The radishes we planted last week are looking good and I found the sweetcorn plant I put in the soil way back on our first day! Boy does it look healthy – just as well it wasn’t me looking after it or I suspect it might not be. We had some fresh peas and broad beans straight out of the pod (breakfast!) and looked at the trays of seeds we planted which are just about ready.


I hope you realize all this is before 9am! Two cakes of the week today – both orange – one Tunisian, one Moroccan. I’m sure we’ll taste them later. Then cheese – Mallory, one of the students has been working at Neal’s Yard in London and gave a small presentation. Again, tastings later. This was followed by a wine presentation and tasting of the wines of Burgundy and South-west France with Pascal Rossignol from Le Caveau, Kilkenny. I’m afraid to say most of it went in the spittoon!


The Jurançon (2006) has been chosen by top chef Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck) to accompany his nitro-scrambled egg and bacon ice cream.

After lunch the afternoon was split in two. Firstly, Seán Moran of Sip Tea spoke to us about tea – “The New Black”. I’m not a “black” tea drinker but his presentation left me with far more knowledge about tea than I ever had and I now know how to choose a tea. Good news, probably, for all those who have tea at my house! Secondly, what to serve with tea – cakes! As if my waistline needs more cake. Late finish again and then on to The Grainstore at Ballymaloe House for a sherry evening with César Saldaña who is the Director of Sherry – the Consejo Regulador – also Director of DO Jerez, Manzanilla and Brandy of Jerez, also General Manager of both CRDO Vinos de Jerez and CRDE Brandy de Jerez. We learnt how sherry is made and tasted (there’s been a lot of that today) six sherries, some of which I enjoyed more than others. It’s like try before you buy. I came ‘home’ and did my homework like a good little girl, and went to bed. Even the opportunity to watch Grey’s Anatomy didn’t keep me from it. I must have been tired.

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2 Responses to day 24

  1. Ruth Grahame says:

    Dear Carloline,
    We’ve had a quite lunch time/afternoon here at Hornblowers for the past couple of days so I’ve been catching up on your blog and have to say it’s fab! I’m loving reading what you’re doing every day at cooking school and the visits to the farmers market and the beach, it’s really interesting. Do you feel time has whizzed by? I can’t belive it’s June already next week!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. cookycaroline says:

    Yes, the time is whizzing past. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the fish festival. Cx

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