day 23

I should have done this last night but it was such a long day I thought I’ll do it tomorrow. Today has been exactly the same!

Anyway, let’s backtrack to yesterday. I made some seriously yummy chicken liver pate but learnt a valuable lesson with my melba toast – half the slice of bread BEFORE you put it back in the oven or you have to serve rather a large piece with the pate which isn’t in the least bit elegant! Not to worry, I ate the broken bits. I can’t remember the last time I had melba toast and had forgotten just how good it tastes.


I have a vague recollection (from dining out with my parents years ago) that it used to be served in large and small pieces wrapped in a white linen napkin in a basket – and was probably gone before the starters arrived! I almost forgot, I made lemon meringue tart too. I was on lunch duty which had to be rushed as we had a class photo being taken after. Quick smile. Done.

A very long demo in the afternoon followed by an appointment with Darina for a wee chat meant I never quite made it home before Katya’s Russian ‘Slow Food’ evening. Katya was very entertaining and the food was really good – I particularly liked the cold beetroot soup and the Medovik, a layered honey cake. Both were washed down with a shot of cranberry vodka – Katya assured us it wasn’t very strong. Just as well I only had the one!


Home at 9.45 and straight to bed. Exhausted.

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