day 25

I had an early start this morning – I was at school at 745am so that I could make my brown yeast bread and lemonade as well as my lunch dishes which were Irish Stew and Sorrel, Tarragon and Swiss Chard Broth. The Irish Stew was delicious – I have to confess I’ve never made it before and the lamb was falling off the bone when it was ready (just the way it should be) and the vegetables and potatoes were in there too, so everything was in one pot! The broth was excellent – very light and tasty – but the downside was the sorrel turned a not very nice colour of brown and it didn’t look very appetizing. (Also green slime hanging out of your mouth at lunch is not a good look.) I tasted someone else’s broth and it tasted totally different. The flavour depended on how much of each vegetable and herb you put in. Mine had quite a lot of tarragon which I liked but others had more watercress/sorrel/spinach/whatever which changed the flavour and it really was down to personal taste. I got my Irish Stew home so that’s tomorrow night’s dinner. My bread was fine although it was quite brown. Every oven is different so next time I will bake it slightly differently. The lemonade was for lunchtime – easy peasy – and hits the spot.


Tomorrow’s breakfast with some homemade raspberry jam. Mmmmmmmm.

César Saldaña came and talked to the class today as not everyone went to The Grainstore last night and we tasted another couple of sherries. Gosh, it’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it! I was on kitchen duty (drying the dishes) after today’s demo so got home about 6.30. A nice, relaxed evening. Did my homework, had a glass of wine and now before I know it, it’s 11pm.

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