day 26

Lots to do today so I left for school at 7.45am. I made white yeast bread, apple pie (which has a fancier name but my file is upstairs and I’m not) and cabbage, fennel and sultana salad. I didn’t have to make the bread but I really want to leave Ballymaloe making fantastic bread and pastry. The pastry we were making for the pie was slightly different from the regular shortcrust and needed to chill for about two hours before rolling it out. Given that we don’t officially begin until 9am and don’t start cooking anything after 11.30am this could have been a bit tricky. The salad sounds easy but I had to make mayonnaise – without the assistance of an electrical gadget! My arm muscles got a good workout I can tell you. I’m just racking my brain for the kitchen routine that works my waistline – maybe the sweeping of the kitchen floor and hoovering of same? All (clean) suggestions will be considered. My pie was excellent, my salad delicious – mayonnaise lovely and wobbly – and the bread? Well, even I was amazed. It didn’t half make me sweat – all the kneading – but it was definitely worth it. And of course I’m spoilt for choice with photos. All in all, a good week. Absolutely knackered so having a quiet night in with a well deserved glass of wine. The cookery school shop sells stuff to students on ‘tick’ – I know this because I needed to buy a stamp and had no money – thankfully it extends to wine too or it might be a cup of tea I’m having!


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