days 27 and 28

Saturday first. A lazy start – put on the laundry and then Margaret and I watched this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. I went into Midleton to the Farmers Market and bought some artisan cheese and smoked salmon to take home on Friday and had the usual cappuccino at O’Conaills where they serve it with a tiny paper cup filled with chocolate drops sitting on the top. On the way home I stopped at Ballymaloe House to take a photograph since it was raining when we stayed there.


I spent a lot (and I mean a lot) of the afternoon filing. At least that’s me sorted for next week. Four of us were in for dinner. I still had the Irish stew in the fridge from Thursday so I decided to heat that up and Angelique cooked some mussels. Take your pick. Followed by strawberries, blueberries and yoghurt.

Today I had an away day. Up and out at 9am! I went to Bantry in West Cork with Johan and Angelique to see Bantry House. It’s a very grand house but needs a lot of money spent on it – and it’s still privately owned! The gardens are being restored and they are lovely – sadly the rhododendrons and wisteria were just past their best. The view when you climb the 100 steps is amazing and plenty time to take it all in while you’re getting your breath back!


We drove to Cronin’s Pub at Crosshaven in the afternoon for the “seafood and soul” event. Freshly cooked lobster and chips – what more could a body ask for? It was really well supported by the students from Ballymaloe – most came by minibus so we’ll see how many hangovers there are in the morning!


Some of the Ballymaloe students with Jason Lowe (award winning food photographer) and his wife Lori de Mori (award winning food writer). They were both introduced to us at the cookery school last week and Darina persuaded Lori gave a brief talk about her cafe, Towpath, which is on the Regent’s Canal towpath in London.


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