day 31 – wednesday

Organic gardening walk around the glasshouse this morning just to check how things are coming along and then we went out the far side as Tim wanted to show us the compost heaps. But on the way look what we found . . . . .


Oh I just love those piggies!

Mmmmm . . . . . bacon butties? Yes, I’m afraid so.

We have a series of compost heaps at home but I must let you see the size of the compost heaps here and the compost it produces!


See how steaming hot it is inside . . . . .


Ah, the aroma!

Lecture day was a bit different today. It was the usual cake/biscuit of the day followed by something a little different – a beef cookery demonstration. It began when Rory produced a 14lb rib roast – lunch? And it was. I was serving lunch today and was standing next to Rory who was carving and serving the beef and hardly anyone wanted my dish – no wonder! I was counting the minutes until I got to eat. The meat was from a Ballymaloe animal (1/4 shorthorn, 3/4 angus) and had been hung for 5 weeks. Oh, I can’t tell you how good it was. Have a quick look – I had just begun my lunch and thought I should really share the experience . . . . . .


Just looking at the plate (and I’m sure you’re drooling) I am thinking about my food miles. Everything on the plate came from Ballymaloe or very close, which is really amazing. There were other dishes available but I’m afraid they didn’t come close to the roast beef – for me anyway. Usually I don’t eat much meat but I really enjoy a good roast. It makes such a difference when you know the provenance of the animal. I think a good relationship with your butcher (platonic, of course) is essential.

After lunch Pam, one of our teachers, mentioned the word “exam”. Oh me, oh my! You could feel the panic spreading across the room! So we talked about that for a while and then moved on to the lecture which was about freezing and spices.

I forgot to mention that Rory’s nephew, Patrick O’Connell, came in to speak to us this morning. He started making granola while he was at college to supplement his income and now it is his business Paddy’s O’Granola.

We actually finished on time tonight which was just as well as I had to go and salt my cheese.


Quick walk and then filing, filing, filing.

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  1. Kath says:

    I see what you mean about those meals!

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