day 32, thursday

Didn’t go in and bake bread this morning because we were doing ‘The Full Irish’ and weren’t really supposed to be doing any extras. I made some really good granola (swapped out the nuts for seeds) and 6 jars of blackcurrant jam so at least we have some jam for our toast in the mornings (we don’t get all six just one for me and one for my partner). My full Irish was very good but not prize-winning. I couldn’t eat it for breakfast but it made a pretty good lunch. We also got Bucks Fizz and then had to promise to stay awake all afternoon! A challenge for sure!


Lots of washing up!

I stayed awake all through demo – I managed to put my feet up on the chair in front which was a little more comfortable and sat beside the window! We all feel like we’re on holiday as the weather is fab. Thing is, I am! Off home for the weekend but the rest of the house still have tomorrow to go. I’ll be missing choux pastry and filleting flat fish. Guess what we’ll be having for dinner over the weekend.


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2 Responses to day 32, thursday

  1. Nico says:

    Caroline – Judi and I are counting on you to come with Graeme to the Lodge next year and rasing the bar in the kitchen!!!! Your blog is fabulous and I emailed Graeme last night to say how jealous I was. You and the old man will need to come and sample what Australia has to offer one day bow you are empty nesters like us – we have the Victoria Market nearby – one of the world’s great produce markets – you would LOVE it
    Enjoy the rest of your time ‘at school’!!! Love Nico (amd Jude)

    • cookycaroline says:

      Thanks. I’m having a great time but exhausted! Look forward to seeing you both next year at the Lodge. Cx

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