day 38, wednesday

Up with the lark to go to the organic gardening walkabout but poor Tim wasn’t very well so Haulie took those who turned up around the salads in the glasshouse. Very handy considering we’ve got our exam on Friday. And I’m on salad duty tomorrow morning so there’s no excuse for not getting them all right. We’ve even spotted students fitting in extra tuition in the kitchens for jointing a chicken and filleting a fish. Exam frenzy is all around. Thank heavens my timeslot is early!


Do you know your mibuna from your mizuna? And no rude answers please.

Lecture day had the usual cake/biscuit slot and today it was millionaire’s squares (chocolate caramel bars). Then a bit about cheddar cheeses – Keen’s and Montgomery’s being the top two and both from Somerset. There were also some Irish cheddars and at coffee time we were all nibbling – they were so good – and we didn’t leave much!

Today we were looking at the wines of Italy and in particular some from Veneto – the area roughly between Lake Garda and the Adriatic. Gerry Gunnigan of Liberty Wines came to talk to us and let us taste some rather good wines – and this was before lunch! I’m not sure which was my favourite but the dessert wine which we sampled with some 80% dark chocolate was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s and none went in the spittoon! In fact, a refill would have been nice.

In the afternoon Rory demonstrated how to make tapas – lots – and we also had a couple of sherries to try with the tapas at tasting time. Probably should have used the spittoon since I need to study tonight. The highlights were the whole Pata Negra ham which cost about 450 euros and the most amazing Marcona almonds – praise indeed from me as I’m not big nut eater – from Brindisa.

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