days 39 and 40

Thursday. First thing (7.30am) I was on salad duty which means going (in the van – not even a lovely walk) to the glasshouse to pick the salad leaves for lunch. Jump into the van and back to the kitchen to wash (don’t want any added protein in the form of slugs) and spin the leaves before putting them into the salad bowls. Doesn’t sound much but took an hour and a half!

Cooking was well underway by the time I arrived at my workstation so I set about collecting my ingredients. Thai green vegetable curry with a fresh fruit and mint chutney were my dishes. Both were delicious but I wasn’t sure about eating them together – maybe it matched the other curry on the day’s menu better.



After demo we had a ‘group study’ and then retired to our rooms for an early night – or not!

day 40 – exam day!

The day began with a demonstration on pizzas, focaccia, calzone, etc, etc. I so want to be able to make good pizza. Lunch was – yes, you guessed it – pizza and all it’s variations, followed by apple fudge cake AND cream. Mmmmmmm!

Then the exam. There were two parts to the exam – technique and herb/salad identification. The doors were covered with newspaper to hide the herbs/salads from our prying eyes! My techniques were joint a chicken and segment and orange. We also had to sweat onions and make a piping bag. Time will tell on the marks. It will tell me but I may not tell you!


Then after the exam, because I had an early timeslot, I went with the others to sit in the courtyard and have a glass of wine (or two!). I stayed there until my housemates arrived and then we went ‘home’ to change before returning to continue the party. Then we went to the pub!

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