day 45, wednesday

It’s supposed to be 17 degrees (centigrade) today but when I looked out the window this morning it didn’t look too promising. Our garden tour began with a visit to the raised vegetable beds where we planted radishes, carrots and a courgette plant (that was me – or rather that was what I planted) in week 3 I think. I have to confess that although I haven’t been looking after it, it seems to be in quite good shape but no courgettes yet. I suspect Eileen has been there with the watering can!


We also walked over to the greenhouse, stopping on the way to look at the walnut tree and the cobnut tree. Yesterday at demo Darina had some beans on display – french, broad, runner and barlotti – so I asked Tim if the barlotti beans were grown in the greenhouse as I hadn’t seen them on any of our visits. They were but only a few plants so not very many beans but look at how beautiful they are. (Extreme left in case you’re wondering.)


The rest of the day was spent studying ‘The Business of Food’ presented by Blathnaid Bergin (Darina’s sister!), The Restaurant Advisor. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of day it was going to be but Blathnaid was really engaging and I felt I got a lot out of the day. She also made sure we got up and stretched every so often which was REALLY great.

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