day 47, friday

Thank heavens it’s Friday! Having had two days away from cooking we felt a bit funny cooking today. It felt like a Monday. Ah well. I went in early to do bread but decided to cook the apples for the apple and sweet geranium jelly instead. Ah yes, chilled beetroot soup. Beautiful and delicious. Just make sure you keep have the lid securely on when you’re whizzing it in the blender or everything will be splattered deep pink! No, of course I didn’t – and none on my white jacket either!


I thought I was making rhubarb tart but no rhubarb (end of season) so I made gooseberry tart instead. I hadn’t factored topping and tailing a pound and a half of gooseberries into my order of work so it was a bit late going in the oven! The gooseberries burst open when you cook them so not only was there fruit inside the fabulous pastry (well, maybe not fabulous but definitely good) there was a lot of syrupy juice too!


The apple and sweet geranium jelly was put into jars and my partner and I were given one each to take home. I must remember and get a cutting of sweet geranium to take home at the end of the course – there is so much you can do with it.

After lunch we were treated to some Irish music – Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill had been playing at The Grainstore last night and came to the cookery school for lunch today. They were brilliant!

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