day 48, saturday

I volunteered to do an early shift at Ballymaloe House this morning – in the sweet section – so I had to be there at 6.45am. I made some Irish soda bread for the breakfast and then assisted with the brown and white yeast breads. The brown yeast bread is made by hand but the white one goes in a very large mixer. We checked the numbers for lunch and dinner over the weekend and decided to make some biscuits for cheese – lots! We have the recipe for these but I haven’t made them so it was really good that I was able to do them today. Same goes for the Jane’s bisuits that I made. I also prepared some pastry which went into the fridge for later. Finished about 1.45pm.


This is The Grainstore at Ballymaloe. It’s a restored farm building behind Ballymaloe House which is used for weddings, wine tastings, etc. Since I was a bit early for my shift, I took a few pics. The picture below is The Ballymaloe Shop (between Ballymaloe House and The Grainstore) and The Café at the end of the Shop which you can’t see but is at the back of the shop.


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