day 50, monday

Monday morning and I was up at school early with my biga all ready to make my ciabatta. There is no physical effort involved in this bread – the mixer does it all! The only thing you have to remember is to put the mixer on the floor. It seems to wriggle along the worktop when it’s going super fast with the dough and I certainly didn’t want it to take a giant leap off and end up in pieces on the floor! All that work on my bread would have been wasted – thank heavens I was well warned. Everything was going really well with my bread until I went to see how the proving was doing. It had been over-proved. I had been so busy making the chocolate soufflé that I didn’t realise the time. When Debbie tapped the bowl on the worktop my dough deflated. I felt a bit the same. We carried on with it and my bread actually turned out pretty well, all things considered.


I also made a cold chocolate soufflé along with some lovely almond praline to put around the sides of the soufflé. Sadly it hadn’t set by lunchtime so I will be finishing and tasting it tomorrow morning (breakfast?). Spring Garden Salad was also on my list – a very light salad of leaves, blue cheese dressing and Parmesan crisps (my thanks to Emily for the crisps!).

I have just been reminded (how could I have forgotten since I’m usually glued to the TV when the tennis is on) that it’s Wimbledon fortnight so I think I might just nip downstairs and see who’s on!

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2 Responses to day 50, monday

  1. Kath says:

    That souffle should definitely be breakfast!

  2. cookycaroline says:

    Wasn’t breakfast but I had TWO helpings at lunchtime! Even though I say it myself – it was FAB! I’ve posted a pic.

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