day 51, tuesday

In early again – in fact, lots of us were. I was making the ciabatta again as well as red cabbage and apple, apple tart and re-doing my flaky pastry to make sure I got it right. I started with the bread and it was well on the way by the ‘official’ start time. Next was make the pastry for the apple tart which was very unforgiving. I went out to the larder and used the marble slab to roll it out – the kitchen was roasting as all the ovens were on for the bread, tarts, roast duck, etc. I made absolutely sure I didn’t forget my bread after yesterday. On with the red cabbage since it took longer than the recipe said yesterday. Then the bread went in the oven followed by the tart. I nearly forgot I had the chocolate soufflé from yesterday – oh goody!


It was amazing! Take my word for it. Especially the almond praline on the sides. I had two helpings – just to make sure.

The apple tart was good but the pastry could have been cooked for longer. The red cabbage and apple was very nice with the duck. The ciabatta was much better than yesterday and I had some with a piece of Gubbeen cheese from the farmers market for supper. I’d worked up an appetite walking to the beach where I almost got blown away! So much for summer!

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2 Responses to day 51, tuesday

  1. Kath says:

    Oh my, it does look amazing. I would definitely have had it for breakfast though.

    • cookycaroline says:

      I’m afraid it wasn’t really an option. I haven’t had time to read your blog lately but I will go and visit now and see what you’ve been cooking. Do you use your AGA through the summer?

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