day 52, wednesday

Gosh, Wednesday comes around so quickly and I really enjoy the tour of the garden and glasshouse to see what’s happened in the past week. Firstly we did a bit of weeding – well, it can’t always be the fun stuff – and why not take advantage of having a bunch of keen students with you. And besides, it only took a few minutes when we did a bunch of weeds each. We sauntered over to the glasshouse and saw that the tomatoes are just beginning to ripen. . . . . .


and there’s lots of basil, peppers, chillies, lettuces and beans as well. The courgette plants remind me of the book ‘The Day of the Triffids’ – who knows when they will take over!

Darina made some very tasty cheesy biscuits at demo and introduced us to three Ardrahan cheeses, one of which I’ve eaten prior to coming to Ballymaloe. It was a vegetarian cookery morning (Darina and the girls cooking, not us) with lots of healthy eating information from Debbie.

In the afternoon John McDonnell, Wine Australia, gave a presentation and tasting of four Australian wines followed by a quick look over the lecture notes about sweet wines with Colm.

Oh, I almost forgot – I’m so excited – look I’ve got a blue plaster! Everyone seems to have had one but me.


I am a bit of a cheat though (not that I want to cut my finger) I got a splinter in my finger at coffee break.

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