day 53, thursday

Sourdough day today. Finally. I carried my starter up to school nice and early so I could begin the quite lengthy process of making a sourdough loaf. Tim wasn’t around so I just went ahead and gave it a big feed and put it under the worktop for the day. I was on lemonade duty which I hadn’t noted down nor had I allowed any time for. Ooops. I made the pastry for the lemon tart in the food processor today (as per the recipe) and it was in the fridge nice and early. Then I had to joint a chicken in order to get the legs which I was supposed to be de-boning. I hadn’t factored that in my order of work either. I de-boned one chicken leg after being shown how on the other one and Emily was also de-boning two and stuffing them. My pastry rolled out beautifully – much thinner than for the apple tart on Tuesday. My lemon custard was lovely and when the tart came out of the oven it looked perfect. Not so. My pastry was not cooked through on the bottom. Better luck next time. And when the time came for dessert, I just scraped the custard off the pastry and ate it with some cream – it was delicious!


There was a bit of a panic (and a laugh) in the kitchen this morning when I let everyone know I’d lost my plaster. The very reason they’re blue is so they can be spotted easily. I knew it wasn’t in my lemon tart – I was pretty sure it was in the sink but it was found on the floor. Phew, it was a worrying moment.

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