day 54, friday

I was out last night so I reset my alarm but I woke up at the usual time. Probably just as well since I hadn’t done my order of work and I had to divide up the mixture that was going to be my bread. Some of it came out of the bowl and went back in the starter jar for next time, the rest went to school with me to embark on the next bit of the sourdough journey.

Crab and prawns were on the menu for me today along with some fresh tartar sauce. The prawns were deep fried in a lovely light batter and served with the tartar sauce. The crab had only to be picked over – it arrived at my workstation cooked. I remember the last time I cooked crab at home – the crabs tried to climb out of the pan! Not a pleasant experience – for them or me! I quite fancied doing some Thai-style fishcakes with the crab rather than the cheesy ones I was supposed to make – they were a bit lighter and very tasty but a teeny, tiny bit too salty.

I ate a very quick lunch and came back to deal with my sourdough which was ready to divide and put into baskets to rise a bit more.


They go in a black bag for this – I wasn’t putting them in the bin, honest!
A couple of hours later they were ready to bake. Oddly enough, one was ready before the other. They both stuck to the lining of the baskets when I was tipping them onto the baking sheet. One got flipped over to look better and the other didn’t. When they came out of the oven the one that didn’t get flipped tasted better and had a better texture. But the week ended on a high for me because both loaves turned out really well and both tasted good. Actually, they were better than good. Let’s hope I get as good a result next time.


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2 Responses to day 54, friday

  1. Kath says:

    Blimey crabs climbing out of pans- eeek. That would be enough for me to never want to see a crab again. Lovely looking bread.

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