days 55 and 56, the weekend

Felt the need to go to the big city on Saturday and a few of us wanted to visit Cafe Paradiso for lunch so off we went to Cork. I’ve wanted to go to Cafe Paradiso for a long time but of course Cork wasn’t exactly on my doorstep. It’s a vegetarian restaurant. The food was delicious – I forgot to take a picture of my starter which was a sweet potato spring roll with a coconut dipping sauce and a mezuna salad (I know my salad leaves!). My main course was aubergine involtini (aubergine slices rolled up with a spinach, cheese and almond filling) tomato sauce and crushed potatoes.


I made a conscious decision to choose something I wouldn’t normally choose for dessert and so I picked cheesecake. Cherry and white chocolate cheesecake and it was beautifully light in texture. Sorry it’s minus a bite but we were doing a group taste and I forgot to take the photo first.


A bit of retail therapy and a quick drive around Cork before returning to Shanagarry.

Sunday was a day of domesticity as usual. Everyone was doing their laundry and cleaning/tidying their room. Then I was filing – not my favourite pastime. I never thought I’d spend so much time either doing it or talking about it! Later it cleared into a beautiful day and we had drinks outside.

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