day 61, friday

Friday was Indian cookery. Are we working our way around the world? Who knows. Anyway, my partner, Barry, was making the main course – lamb curry – and I was on the dessert – poached pears in saffron syrup – and naan bread. I also had to do something with my puff party and make lemon balm sorbet. The dough for the naan bread was very wet and I had to knead à la Richard Bertinet. I certainly got a workout and my naan was really light!


Meanwhile, the pears were poaching in the saffron syrup and I was getting together the ingredients for the lemon balm sorbet (and making sure my name was on an ice cream machine – the last time I made sorbet it went in the blast freezer and wasn’t great). The flavour was superb – just my kind of pud! Darina had brought back some saffron from Morocco which we were using for the pears and there were concerns that it might be too strong but it was divine.


I only used 1/4 of my puff pastry to make some palmiers and when Rory came I to the kitchen looking for puff pastry he asked if he could taken mine! No pressure then! I did ask if he wanted to wait and see how the palmiers turned out but he took it anyway. I passed the palmiers round the students and visitors and since they all disappeared I guess they were ok!

Today was also Sophie’s last day. Sophie did the course in January and has been working at Ballymaloe since she finished. She has been so helpful to everyone and is always there with a happy smile. She is now moving on and we’ll miss her heaps – especially when we have to do all our own dishes! Thanks Sophie and best of luck in your new job.

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2 Responses to day 61, friday

  1. Nico says:

    Caroline – wow you are covering some great stuff there. Your blue band aid reminds me of the time when we were living in Abedeen and Jude announced that she had a “stovie” in her finger – she meant “skelf”!!!!

    • cookycaroline says:

      Hi Nico – I’m just trying to work out exam menu – 3hrs to make 3 courses and bread! And we don’t know which bread until the day before but the menu has to be in by Thursday. A challenge for sure.

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