day 63, sunday

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day and after a leisurely start decided to do some menu planning outside in the sunshine. What will I cook for the exam? I hummed and hawed for ages and then decided not to decide today.

After the usual (very boring) Tesco visit we went to a late afternoon BBQ up at the school cottages to celebrate the 4th of July. Julia had asked us all to bring some food (but she did the bulk of the work – I think) and everyone took wine/beer/water(?) too. And there was sangria. There were loads of salads and plenty of homemade bread. Also ribs, chicken, sausages etc which the guys were BBQ-ing. Kyoko made some great rice cakes – sushi rice with miso spread on top (some had seaweed wrapped around) then put on the BBQ. Delicious! Left at a reasonable time – school tomorrow and I still had to get my order of work done. It doesn’t take too long to write but it makes you read through the recipes so you actually know what you’re supposed to be doing.


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