day 64, monday

Monday morning and I decided not to do bread to give myself a little more time to trim my rack of lamb. But ooooops, I forgot to check the list of duties and I had to make lemonade (and also help clean the weigh up area after lunch). I wasn’t in quite as early as usual because I wanted to prepare and cook my dishes in real time, not giving myself an extra hour which I then don’t count! As soon as I realised, I quickly made the syrup and squeezed a zillion lemons.

I was making rack of lamb, gratin of mushroom and potatoes, and fresh mint chutney. I had everything laid out for the chutney and managed to get it made and into the fridge before starting on the gratin. It really doesn’t sound much I know but there are always little processes in the recipe which take time (invariably more time than you’ve allowed in your order of work). I had to be ready to serve at 11.45 and the lamb had to be in by 1100. Working back that meant that I had to be pretty damn quick with the spuds! Rack of lamb needs to be trimmed really well or it doesn’t look very good. I had to prise the meat off at the end of the rack (and make what’s called epigrams with the bit of lamb I removed) and leave the bones clean. I also had to say how I was cooking it – rare, medium, well done – so they know if I’ve messed up on the timing!

Well, it must have been my lucky day. Not only was everything cooked the way I wanted, it was actually done at the time I’d said it would be done on my order of work! Amazing.


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2 Responses to day 64, monday

  1. fiona Potter says:

    Well im really impressed. the cooking looks amazing!. I vote that we have a book group dinner with you cooking of course so then we can hear all about it. The blog is fantastic and I enjoyed seeing your route to school. I hope your going to get a group photo to post as a great memory. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Fiona x

    • cookycaroline says:

      Thanks – sounds a good idea to me! We had a group photo taken so I hope we get a copy. Looking forward to seeing you too. Cx

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