day 67, thursday

Menu and food order in for the exam (and photocopy taken) by 8.30am. Hopefully no vital ingredient left out or I could be in deep doo doo!

Today my dishes were duck breasts with kumquat compote, Gujerati style green beans and roast potatoes. And something with squid if it came in. Oh and make some puff pastry.

The morning did not go very well. Firstly, I didn’t cut my kumquats the right way for the compote and then I wondered why I was having difficulty get the leg off my duck – only to find out it was upside down! I am laughing about it now but felt like things were going downhill – FAST! The way things were going, heaven help the squid!

Well, the duck, Gujerati style beans, kumquat compote and roast potatoes were all good in the end. In fact, I liked the way I cut the kumquats and would do the same again. The test is – would I make it at home? Yes, definitely. I completely forgot to take a photo of my dish when it was presented but managed to catch it as it was being plated up to go to the dining room.


I also made the puff pastry. I had to roll it after lunch and halfway through the afternoon and then, because it needed it, again before I came home. Hopefully strawberry tart on Monday!

At 6pm we had the last wine lecture of the course – champagne! Don’t get too excited, it was only a wee taste. A very nice wee taste. Another long day and definitely an early night.

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