day 72, tuesday

This morning I’m not at school. I have gall stones. USUALLY we live in peace and harmony together but the little blighters kept me awake for a large part of the night. I also tend to feel a bit grumpy the next day so I decided not to inflict my grumpiness on anyone else this morning. I am usually a ray of sunshine in the morning! (No comments please.) USUALLY I follow a low fat diet. Well that kind of went out the window when I came here but amazingly this is only the second time they have reared their ugly heads. Since when did puff pastry and pastry cream become low fat? The only thing I should have eaten was the fruit but where’s the fun in that? Ah well, better get back on the straight and narrow for a bit . . . . .

I decided to go into school at lunchtime – although it was a gorgeous sunny day and for a moment I was tempted to sit in the garden all afternoon. Luckily the moment passed and I strolled through the gardens in glorious sunshine and took a few pics on the way.


This is the Shell House in the school gardens. All the shells in the ceiling come from mussels and scallops consumed at Ballymaloe House or the school. It was begun by Blot Kerr-Wilson in July 1995 and completed in October. It really looks stunning.



Lots going on at demo. Rachel brought out the haunch of venison that we were having for lunch tomorrow and we were shown how to lard and bard! Larding is when you thread a needle with fat and sew it into the very lean joint of meat. Barding is when you cover the meat with fat, in this case, caul.


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