day 80, wednesday

Today was exam day. My slot was at 8.00 am – just as well I’m a morning person! Three course meal and white yeast bread in three hours (minus the time it took me to make the ice cream yesterday). Every minute was accounted for and the bread was an unknown quantity. How long would it take to rise? Would it be ready to bake before I plated my meal? Would everything go according to the times on my order of work?

Did you think that was it? That I was going to leave you high and dry about the exam and the rest of the course? I couldn’t possibly do that.

My menu – chilled pea and mint soup, salmon in filo pastry with tomato and ginger, hollandaise sauce, samphire and a green salad with edible flowers followed by summer berry fruit salad and yoghurt ice cream.

The cooking went ok – my salmon was a little over-cooked – I just took longer than I thought to get all three courses plated up together so it got longer in the oven than it should have. C’est la vie. My soup I thought was really good and also the summer berry fruit salad and ice cream. The hollandaise was very well behaved – it didn’t split thankfully. I’ve had a cough/throat infection since the beginning of the week and so I wasn’t sure how good my sense of taste was. Fingers crossed. I was busy the whole time and went 30 minutes over which I think was about par for the course. I hope my bread was ok.

I had to go and have a lie down in the afternoon – I was exhausted!

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