good intentions

I fully intend to continue my blog now I’m home but funnily enough I’m not cooking quite so much as I was at Ballymaloe – thankfully I don’t have 70 people coming for lunch every day – it would be far too many dishes to wash!  I do need to make sure that I practise the new skills that I learnt there – mostly the pastry and the bread (although some might say otherwise).   I also discovered that my butter was never as soft as it should have been for creaming with the sugar when I was making a sponge – I think I was always too impatient.  No, I know I was too impatient.  I was usually trying to fit making something in between all the other jobs I had to do.  Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound a bit like what we had to do at Ballymaloe?  Why we had to write an order of work, juggle things around, multitask? Yep, time management and patience – two more life skills I’m a little bit better at.  I knew it was money well spent!


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2 Responses to good intentions

  1. dorothy donald says:

    Hi Caroline – please keep the blog going – I enjoy reading it – look forward to hearing your exam results – cheers Dorothy

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