Yesterday I made strawberry jam. I had made jam long before I went to Ballymaloe but not on a regular basis so I couldn’t quite decide whose method I was going to follow. I read all the recipes in my possession (which is quite a few) and kind of went my own way. The quantities required for strawberry jam are roughly one pound of fruit to a pound of granulated sugar (give or take a bit depending how sweet you like your jam) with a bit of lemon juice added to help it set as strawberries are not very high in pectin.


I warmed the sugar – the back of the AGA is great for this but since it’s off for the summer, I put it in a low oven. The mashed berries, lemon juice and the warmed sugar went on a low heat until the sugar had dissolved completely and then I boiled the jam for about 10 minutes to get a soft set. It certainly got the thumbs up from my family.


And it makes good use of any empty jars you may have – but don’t forget to sterilise them first!

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4 Responses to jammin’

  1. James says:

    Hi Caroline,

    Yours is the first blog I’ve read in it’s entirety, after following the link on the Ballymaloe web site. Short, detailed and to the point, – I’m not a big reader, so it kept me interested. Anyhow, well done on the completion of your course, I’m hoping to do it some day – I’ve done a short course at the school so I can relate to a lot of what you were talking about, it really is an amazing course.

    Well done again,



  2. Nancy gilbane says:

    Caroline, loved reading your blog, completed to of the short courses in the summer of 2011 and 2010. Enjoyed reading your Daily diary of your 12 week course. Not sure I could do it myself but feel I am a better cook for the 2 weeks I spent and I have learned not to waste a thing! I hope you get your certificate, nancy

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