tales from a different kitchen . . .

. . . in a land far away where the sun shines, the sea is blue and the air is warm. And sadly it doesn’t belong to me!


Even on holiday the body needs to be fed and somehow food shopping doesn’t seem to be the chore it is at home. The local shop had lots of beautiful ripe tomatoes, glossy purple aubergines, chillies (available individually!), huge watermelons (fraction of the price at home), ugly (sorry mr orange) looking oranges which make delicious juice, huge tubs of my favourite yoghurt and giant pots of honey to accompany it . . . . . heaven!

Back to the cooking – I gently fried some chopped onion, garlic and chilli in extra virgin olive oil until cooked but not golden and added some skinned and chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper and a tiny pinch of sugar. Leaving the tomato sauce to simmer, I sliced the aubergine into generous 1cm rounds, brushed with oil and sautéed until golden. I then quartered the slices and put them into the tomato sauce which continued to simmer until the aubergines were cooked through – I wasn’t really paying attention to the clock, but I reckon it was about 20 minutes. I did need to add some boiling water whilst it was simmering. I stirred in lots of flat leaf parsley and served it with rigatoni and some Parmesan.


This is a variation of Pasta à la Norma – and I’m staying at Norma’s house in Cyprus! Isn’t that a coincidence!

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2 Responses to tales from a different kitchen . . .

  1. Kath says:

    Just read all of your latest posts – you know how to make a woman jealous!! It sounds like you are having a wonderful time.

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