eating out

I love to cook but I also love to eat out – just not every night! Usually we only eat meze at one place in Paphos but during this visit we have eaten at two!

This is the Myrra Tavern – a family-run restaurant serving traditional meze which you would probably not go to unless it had been recommended since it is well away from the main tourist area of the town.


We hadn’t been here before but it’s definitely a place to go to again (and have!). When the first of the meze arrived Efthymios told us everything was homemade except the taramasalata and that the tomatoes were grown in his father’s garden – definitely a good start! We nibbled our way through some tzatziki, taramasalata, beetroot, aubergine puree, tahini . . . . with some warm pita bread, followed by mushrooms, grilled prawns, two different styles of homemade sausage, some pork kebabs and lamb chops!!!!! And I hope I didn’t miss anything out! After all that (yes, I know, how was it possible) we squeezed in a complimentary dessert – a single fig preserved in syrup with an almond in the middle. Delicious! And then a wee cup of Cyprus coffee (which is certainly not for the faint-hearted) along with a complimentary glass of the local grape spirit.


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