more eating out

On our return visit to the Myrra Tavern we decided not to have the meze but just to have some lamb chops, chips and some salad. The chops were really thinly sliced and soooo crispy that I just had to pick them up and nibble all those really tasty bits on the bone! And proper chips. And more of those lovely home grown tomatoes in the salad. Yummy!

I thought we were having our dinner sitting beneath a lime tree but when I asked Efthymios he said it was a bitter orange tree. Different to Seville oranges. Our complimentary dessert this time was one of the bitter oranges preserved in syrup. These (and the figs from the other night) are known as spoon sweets because the serving size is that of a well-filled teaspoon. They are a traditional symbol of Cypriot hospitality.

And just in case you’re ever in Paphos and would like to visit the Myrra Tavern here are the details:


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