my scotch broth

If ever you’ve been stuck for something to do with some leftover chicken, look no further. It doesn’t even need to be very much chicken. In fact, this soup can be made without any meat but it really does need some homemade chicken stock and if you’ve eaten the whole chicken, what else would you do with the carcass? Throw it out? Never! Even when there’s just two of us I buy a whole chicken because there’s so much you can do with it. When I get to the soup stage, the chicken will more than likely have made two other main course dishes. When you’re buying a happy/free range/organic chicken you want to make sure you’re using every last bit.

For the soup you need a packet of Broth Mix. I can get this at any supermarket but of course outside Scotland this might be an exotic ingredient available only at speciality shops! 🙂

Scotch Broth

an onion, chopped
350g carrots, chopped (about 4 or 5 depending on size)
250g broth mix, rinsed in cold water and soaked while you prepare the soup (see below)
1.5 litres of hot chicken stock
some leftover chicken, cut into bite size pieces
oil or butter, whichever you prefer
salt and pepper

Before you begin you need to rinse the broth mix well and then soak it. I usually forget to pre-soak it for the time it says in the packet (overnight!) but it probably gets at least an hour. I also pick out the whole marrowfat peas as they don’t cook in the same time as the rest of the ingredients – probably because I forget to soak them overnight! Next, heat some oil/butter in a large pan and sweat the onion then add the chopped carrots and cook for another 2-3 minutes. I then add about a litre of the stock along with the broth mix, bring it all up to the boil and then simmer for 40 minutes or until everything is cooked. If you have an AGA, pop it in the simmering oven for about an hour. At this point you will probably need to add some more stock then season to taste. About 10 minutes before you’re ready to eat, add the leftover chicken and heat through. If you’re making it for the freezer, chill the soup then add the cold chicken.


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5 Responses to my scotch broth

  1. This looks fantastic – the pictures are so vivid! A labour of love no doubt? Why not enter it into our Soup of the Month competition?

  2. Kath says:

    I am glad that you forget to soak the soup mix too, I have had a bag of it for ages and never use it because I haven’t presoaked it. I will take your advice on the hour soaking being sufficient.

  3. DIANE-Marie Arnott says:

    How long is too long to soak the Broth mix.

    • I don’t know about too long but my packets say overnight. I take out the whole peas and give it about an hour because I forget to do it the night before. Hope that’s helpful.

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