a lonely bit of chorizo

I had a lonely bit of chorizo in the fridge and decided it needed to be used. I did have until January 2012 but I decided it’s time had come and today was the day. I was flipping through my copy of Angela Hartnett’s latest book A Taste of Home: 200 Quick and Easy Recipes and I found what sounded like a quick and easy fish recipe! And it is. Only two pans. Not too many ingredients either – some chorizo, new potatoes, leek, cherry tomatoes, parsley and thyme – oh, and I nearly forgot, some fish! I used sea bream fillets, just like she suggested. I made a few slashes in the skin of the fish and sprinkled on some salt and pepper before frying it in some olive oil. The skin turned soooo crispy I was nibbling it when I’d finished eating – normally I don’t eat the skin. The combination of all the other ingredients was delicious and I’m planning to do this dish again v-e-r-y soon! In fact, it has rocketed into my top ten dinner list (and my husband’s)!


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