run rabbit run

Well, the two rabbits I bought obviously didn’t run fast enough cos they were my Sunday dinner!

I was at The Good Food Show in Glasgow on Friday and thought I might be able to get something a little different for dinner at the weekend. There was loads to choose from – local farm stalls with beef, lamb, venison, rabbit . . . also lots of different sausages, chutneys, jams, jellies and marmalades. Lots to nibble on while you’re walking round. I thought about Ballymaloe as I looked longingly at a set of All Clad pans! Thankfully (for my bank balance) I only looked as I had taken the train and didn’t really fancy carrying them home!

I looked through every cookbook I have (well, not quite) for how to cook rabbit and decided to stick with Angela Hartnett’s Quick and Easy Book. Usually I dip in and out of my cookbooks picking one recipe from here, another from there, but I am giving this book a thorough testing! The rabbit was cooked in Madeira, chicken stock, rosemary and thyme, then mixed with fennel cooked in honey and sherry vinegar. The combination was delicious but my rabbit was a little chewy. My cooking or just the rabbit? Well, we’ll never know. 🙂

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4 Responses to run rabbit run

  1. I have been thinking about cooking with rabbit lately. There is a Shropshire pie that is made with hare traditionally, well I don’t think we should eat a hare. I have only ever seen one, so eating it might reduce the population a little too much. But I am yet to be convinced by rabbit. Seeing them with myxamatosis has put me off them a bit and the one I have eaten ( not counting the many eaten in childhood, disguised as some other meat by my mum) was tough too. Shall I be brave enough?

    • I agree about the hare. When I was young my mum told me we were having rabbit and I said no thanks (thinking poor little bunny rabbit). The next night she made a really good curry and when we’d all eaten and enjoyed it, she said that was the rabbit! I’ve eaten a few since then so I think I’ll give it another go. You should too.

  2. I should, I am slowly coming round to the idea. That ragu looks absolutely delicious. I wish I had all those bags in my freezer.

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