Meat Free Monday – spring, week 04

I have lots of things to tell you about but Mondays seem to come around so fast that I’m not quite getting around to them. Anyway, enough about my not being organized enough lately and more about Meat Free Monday!

Fabulous fibre muffins for breakfast – and they were. My only criticism is that there weren’t enough sultanas for me so next time I’ll add more. Very quick, very easy, very good.


Bruschetta broccoli di rape for lunch. I could have had Waldorf salad but since I adore broccoli there was absolutely no competition! It was supposed to be purple sprouting broccoli on the bruschetta but I could only get golden sprouting broccoli. This is a new one for me – I never knew such a thing existed. It was very sweet and tender – less chewy stalks than the purple. I also put some tomato on my bruschetta just because I think broccoli and tomato are good together. It was really good. To be perfectly honest, I would never have thought to put broccoli on bruschetta – but I will now.


Yesterday’s dishes (as I write this section on Tuesday) were perfect for the unseasonably warm spring day that we had. T-shirt weather in Scotland, in March – difficult to believe, I know.

The dinner recipe for spring ragout of artichoke hearts, broad beans, peas and turnips is by Stephanie Alexander and tasted absolutely delicious! The only artichokes I was able to buy were the marinated ones in a jar and they worked perfectly. The flavour of the all vegetables is really brought out by the addition of fresh herbs – in this instance, tarragon and parsley.


Well, what can I say? Banoffee pie. One of my husband’s favourites. No scaling down required!



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