home alone …

So, what do I cook just for me? It’s always something with vegetables and one of my favourites is pasta with broccoli, chilli and garlic. On this occasion I was using up the leftover broccoli from Monday but usually I buy it specially. The first thing to do is grate some Parmesan*. Then cook some broccoli – I’m not telling you how much because this really depends on how many you’re cooking it for and how much you like broccoli – drain it and then chop it to whatever size you fancy. This dish needs lots of chilli and garlic, gently cooked in some good olive oil while your pasta is bubbling away (use the same pan you cooked the broccoli in so you’re saving on washing up) and then all that you need to do is add the broccoli to the chilli and garlic to re-heat, season and stir in the drained pasta. How easy (and quick) is that! A sprinkling of Parmesan* and you’re ready to go.


*vegetarian Parmesan

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