Meat Free Monday – spring, week 07

I decided to have Meat Free Sunday this week because Monday was looking particularly busy in my diary. Just as well I did since I was awake most of the night with a runny nose, sore throat and a cough and I had to cancel my appointments for the day. 😦

Breakfast for this week was caramelised grapefruit. Red grapefruit segments mixed into natural yoghurt, with brown sugar sprinkled over and grilled to caramelise. I’m afraid to say I can’t get my head around mixing grapefruit and natural yoghurt together so what I did was segment the grapefruit as it said and then put a large blob of yummy thick Greek yoghurt on the top, sprinkled over some soft brown sugar and took the blowtorch to it. Sadly the combination of grapefruit and yoghurt just doesn’t work for me, so I just ate the yoghurt with the crispy sugar coating off the top! And jolly yummy it was too.


The lunch choice was Vietnamese style rolls or a hot mozzarella sandwich. Oooo what did I choose? You guessed it, the Vietnamese style spring rolls. While I was at Ballymaloe some of the students made these for lunch and since they were really good, I was looking forward to having a go myself. I also just happened to have a packet of the wrappers in the cupboard, so no excuse not to. Whilst these were filled with rice noodles, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, iceberg lettuce and some coriander, you could put in whatever vegetables you fancy. The coriander leaves look lovely shining through the rice paper wrappers. My rolling definitely needs improvement – they were very fat cigars. I had some Thai salad dressing in the fridge which I used as a dipping sauce. These Vietnamese style spring rolls were delicious – I will definitely make them again.


I skipped the salad so I’ll move on to the porcini and celery risotto recipe from Theo Randall. I love risotto and this one was no exception. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to dry the porcini mushrooms after soaking them or not. I didn’t and as you’ll see from the photograph, it’s not a very appetising colour but it tasted great.


Double choc crackle cookies for dessert – crispy on the outside and a bit like a firm chocolate brownie on the inside. Very messy to make as you have to roll them into a ball and of course the phone just had to ring while I was in the middle of doing this, didn’t it! I’m not sure about the purpose of the icing sugar on the outside apart from changing the way it makes the chocolate cookie look. I liked them but I think next time I wouldn’t roll them in icing sugar.


And just in case you’re wondering – since this is what I ate yesterday – yes, I did have a Meat Free Monday. 🙂

Now I’m off to have a couple of paracetamols, some cough mixture and an early night!

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