and the leftovers …….

I had some tuna leftover from the niçoise salad and made a delicious bruschetta for our lunch yesterday. I haven’t been eating much mayonnaise lately – probably since I returned from Ballymaloe . This is because there was always fresh mayonnaise on the go there and it tastes a zillion times better than anything you can buy in a jar, so with my last *happy egg I made some mayo. I used to think it wasn’t really worth making it in small quantities but it definitely is and it’s very simple.


All you need for this is one egg yolk, a little Dijon mustard, a teaspoon of white wine vinegar, pinch of salt and roughly 100mls oil (I used sunflower). It’s really good exercise if you make it by hand but much easier and quicker if you have an electric whisk – a food processor is great if you’re making a larger quantity. Put the egg yolk in a bowl with the white wine vinegar, salt and Dijon mustard then gradually whisk in the oil until the mayonnaise is the consistency you want. I didn’t need all the oil.

To my mayo I added some chopped hard-boiled egg (my second last happy egg) and chopped parsley. I then adjusted the seasoning and put it on my toasted sourdough along with the leftover tuna. Fab.


*I do always buy organic free range eggs but it is extra special when you know the chickens, so to speak, that laid them.

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