Meat Free Monday – spring, week 09

Where does the week go? I have managed two posts since last Monday so I suppose that’s something!

This week’s breakfast was crepes with lemon and sugar. I always think of this as dessert so I’m afraid to say it was muesli as usual for me today. For lunch – vegetable pilau (packed lunch) or creamy broccoli soup? Given that I ate far too much cheese over the weekend and my gallstones were shouting (very loudly!) at me, I opted for the creamy broccoli soup (Laura and Woody Harrelson). It was just right. The usual suspects were there – broccoli and potato, steamed rather than cooked in the stock and leek in place of onion which was cooked in water instead of being sautéed gently in oil or butter. Olive oil was added to the soup at the end, when it was whirling around in the blender. The recipe used vegetable bouillon and salt but I found it was perfect with just the bouillon.


I couldn’t decide if I was looking forward to dinner or not. I love pasta but pasta with almonds? Not sure. Well, I needn’t have worried – it was really nice. I enjoyed the different texture given by the chopped almonds and the little bit of heat from the dried chilli. I couldn’t get Caciocavallo, a cheese from the south of Italy, so I used Parmesan instead.


I had the garlic bread too (side dish) and I can confirm, with absolute certainty, there will be no vampires in this house tonight!


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2 Responses to Meat Free Monday – spring, week 09

  1. MMMM, garlic bread. Plus soup! = one of my fave dinners 🙂

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