Meat Free Monday – spring, week 10

Believe it or not, today I actually had the Meat Free Monday breakfast for breakfast! It was fruit and nut breakfast bars and they were yummy. I was very organised and made them yesterday so that they would be ready and waiting for me this morning. They’re made from a mixture of rolled oats, nuts and seeds coated in melted butter and then baked. It should have been almonds and hazelnuts but I really don’t like hazelnuts so I used pistachios instead. I had dates but swapped the dried apricots for dried cranberries because that’s what I had in the cupboard. There were also some sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds in there too. I really liked this combination and would be very happy to make them again. The great thing about this kind of recipe is that you can switch the ingredients very easily just as long as you keep the overall quantities the same. Once they were baked the bars were a little bit crumbly, a little bit chewy and not too sweet. Yum. They would be excellent as a granola substitute. The book says they’ll keep for a week in an airtight container. I’m not so sure -I think they’ll be long gone by then. Maybe if I keep them out of sight my hand will not stray into the tin quite so easily …….


Breakfast and dinner only today I’m afraid. I was out this morning and was so hungry when I came home I just made a panini – vegetarian of course! Had I been even more organised, I could have had crunchy cauliflower and macaroni or pasta with fresh spring herbs. Mañana.

Dinner was a stir-fry with spring veg and noodles. Tenderstem broccoli, baby broad beans (skinned please), pak choi and spring onions stir-fried with some chilli, garlic, ginger and lots of thin egg noooooodles. Stir-fry dishes are all about the preparation – don’t be like me who had everything cooking and then suddenly realised I hadn’t skinned the beans! Luckily my sous chef stepped in to assist. The dish came together nicely with the addition of the soy and hoisin – I didn’t measure, just enough to coat the noooooooodles. It was deliciously spicy – I used a whole chilli for the two of us and it was a hot one! I knew I should have tasted it first.


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  1. Looks very tasty, indeed!

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