I’m really sorry if you came to visit last week and found nothing at all for Meat Free Monday – I’m afraid I was just sooooo busy …….. 🙂


…….. busy trying to decide whether I should sit in the sun or the shade, take a swim, read my book, have a drink – or just chill (or rather bake). Such difficult choices! 🙂

I’m sure you’ve guessed I wasn’t in my back garden – I went to Portugal for the week and the weather was fantastic! OK, I’ll shut up about the weather – I’ll talk about the food. I ate lots of fish – golden bream, sea bass, corvina and squidlings. The squidlings were my favourite. They were tiny and pink and plump and sooo delicious cooked in olive oil with lots of garlic! That night my sister-in-law had this strange dream about having alien creatures inhabiting her stomach …. but perhaps I should stop there, I wouldn’t like to put you off eating them!

We also had lots of excellent wine. I was not as rude as to count exactly how many bottles we had, suffice to say it was a few! We thought the Casa Ferreirinha Planalto White Reserva 2010 was particularly good.

We had dessert on the last night – almond cake flambĂ©ed with Grand Marnier. The outside of the cake was all chewy and the middle full of booze! What more could you ask for? Oh yes, a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Yummy. It was quite a windy evening so they needed a windbreak to shelter the cake while they did the flambĂ© bit!


I always look forward to my Meat Free Mondays but tomorrow even more so – I ate so much fish last week I think I’m growing fins!

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