Meat Free Monday – spring, week 12

So, here I am and it is Monday! I didn’t manage the breakfast but I did have the side dish of baked courgettes, feta and tomatoes for lunch. I could easily have had three lunches because I also liked the two lunch options – fatoush salad with grilled halloumi or tangy cauliflower pickle and cheese sandwich. I may have them later in the week. The courgettes were good – sprinkled with a little diced feta, fresh thyme, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and baked until tender.


Tonight’s dinner was asparagus risotto. The risotto was supposed to have fresh morels and marjoram or oregano. I couldn’t get any of these so I left the morels out and used tarragon instead of the marjoram/oregano. I also left out the mascarpone – too much fat for me. It tasted very good but I would really like to try it with the fresh morels, so whenever I see them I’ll buy some and report back.


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