Meat Free Monday – summer, week 01

Today is the first monday of summer – in the Meat Free Monday cookbook! I thought I would try and do better this week, since last week I only managed to make the dinner main course. I could have made the breakfast – muesli – but didn’t since I’d only recently opened a box of my regular muesli. If only I had been looking ahead in the book ………. When I get to the end of this box, I promise I will give it a whirl. I had loads of eggs so I made the courgette, potato and dill frittata for lunch and very good it was too. I love frittata and make it often with lots of different vegetables and I think I prefer it without potatoes. But that’s just me. I really enjoyed the flavour of the dill, a herb I don’t use that often.


For dinner tonight it was aubergine parmigiana. Layers of homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, and chargrilled aubergines finished off with a sprinkling of freshly grated Parmesan* and baked in the oven until bubbling and golden. It was delicious! As there’s only two of us we have half left and we’re going to have it with some pasta tomorrow night.


Dessert in the book was strawberries with mascarpone and cream but I had strawberries and raspberries with some Greek yoghurt and honey. Mmmmmmm – heavenly. 🙂


I know I chop and change things when I cook but that’s really what it’s all about. The recipes are only there as a guide. Swap out ingredients if you don’t like them or can’t get them, or if you have something else in your cupboard that you think might taste better – use it! Most of all, enjoy – the cooking and the eating! 🙂

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