Meat Free Monday – summer week 02

Meat Free Monday on Sunday this week since I can’t do it tomorrow. And what’s more, I made the dinner for lunch – it was quesadillas with avocado, soured cream and salsa – my kind of food. Flour tortillas with mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions and cheddar cheese served with soured cream, avocado and salsa on the side.

Firstly make the salsa – tomatoes, spring onion, chilli, vinaigrette and some fresh basil. The recipe doesn’t say to cook the mushrooms, but I did. I sliced them very finely and fried them in a little olive oil until pale golden and I had some tortillas in the freezer leftover from when I made huevos rancheros (spring, week 08). I didn’t put this together quite the way it was done in the book. My tortillas weren’t as soft as those you buy (in fact they would have broken in two had I tried to fold them over) so I dampened them with some cold water and placed one in the hot frying pan (no oil) and covered it all over with mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, spring onions, grated cheddar and then put another tortilla on the top. When you think it’s cooked enough on one side you flip it over carefully (so you don’t lose any of the filling) and toast it on the other side. When the cheese is all melted and the tortillas are nice and crisp, lift it out of the pan and cut it into quarters and serve it with the sour cream, salsa and avocado on the side.


The quesadillas made a lovely lunch – so much so that my husband (who was having bread and cheese for his lunch) ate the other half of the quesadilla while I was taking the photograph! I only have one observation about this recipe – not enough mushrooms if you were making quesadillas for 4. What I made (half of everything except for the mushrooms which I kept at the amount given) was fine for two for lunch but if I’d been having this for dinner, I would have needed it all to myself! The side dish was Mexican cornbread which I didn’t make – it looks good and I feel sure I’ll try it at a later date but I’m not sure about cornbread and tortillas together. It would certainly fill you up but too much bread for me.

I also made the dessert which was a delicious mango lassi but, of course, we didn’t have it for dessert. My husband was outside assembling our new gas barbecue (many pages of instructions!!!) and looked like he could do with a nice cool drink. Actually he could probably have done with a beer but I didn’t want to give him beer while he was using the drill. Who knows what the barbecue might have looked like when he was finished! Mango, yoghurt, pomegranate seeds and a dash of honey whizzed up in the blender and served with lots of ice. Just perfect. And the barbecue? Well, it was perfect too. I’m just waiting for summer to return!


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