late lunch

This was a late lunch in two ways. Firstly, it was the meat free monday lunch and I was eating it today (friday) and secondly, I was eating my lunch at 3.30pm! Better late than never because if I hadn’t eaten any lunch I would a) have turned into a monster by dinner time and b) have nothing in my stomach to soak up the glass of wine I’m about to have ……… well, it is friday after all. 🙂

Lets get back to my lunch, which was an asparagus, egg and cress sandwich. Or rather, it was supposed to be – mine ended up as bruschetta. “Cut 8 thin croutons into large rectangles”? Croutons? Small cubes of bread. Mmmmmm, not sure how that would work. Perhaps a photo of the finished dish might have been helpful here. Also, how do you dice (and then arrange) a soft-boiled egg without losing all the yolk? Mine went all over the plate as you will see in my photo and that was without dicing it! “Take 2 croutons” ……. Unfortunately no mention of what to do with the other 6. This was why my ‘sandwich’ ended up as bruschetta. I spread some mayo on my toasted bread, put half a soft-boiled egg on each piece, tucked in some watercress, lay the asparagus over the top and gave it a generous seasoning of salt and pepper. Messy, but delicious!


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2 Responses to late lunch

  1. Yum! You’re making me hungry. 🙂 Thanks for posting. Love your blog!

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